HDConvertToX  (or HDC as short name) is an application aimed for converting high definition movie (from bluray or hd-dvd), or hdrip to divx rip or NMT (as Popcorn Hour or WD HD TV)  players.

HDC is able to convert any kind of movie, from avi, mkv, mp4,vob,mpeg,m2ts,ts... to other formats with codec like X264, XviD, DivX, WMV in container AVI, MKV,MP4 or WMV.

HDC is able to detect audio and subtitle tracks within your video and so you can select and encode only the wanted streams.

This manual is based on version 3.0.682.4591


How to install
Required Software
Quick Start Encoding
Working with DVD
Some Advanced options
Preview and Cropping
Basic Filtering
Basic AviSynth filtering  - Deinterlacing
Converting Audio (changing "framerate")
Copying Video: how to fast repack
Converting Audio -  Encoding Only Audio
Handling subtitles
Advanced Avisynth Filtering
Muxing Options
Some Utilities -  Deinterlace Analysis and Compression Test
External Utilities
Default Parametes - Settings default parameters
Avaiable Guides
Some hint about X264 Preset
Enabling NVTools
HDConvertToX Configuration File
Advanced note about VTS/PGC/IFO and HDC

How to Install

HDConvertToX is a green application. It don't need to install, just unzip the full package and, if present, update with the hdconverttox.exe file.
HDConconverToX use state of the art techique for delivering outstanding encoding in fastest time.

You need to install the following componentes:
FFdshow Tryout, XviD Codec, Haali Media Splitter, AviSynth 2.5.8

Quick Start Encoding

Let's fire HDConvertToX.exe
Click on "Open File..." and select your video.

Next click on "Analyze file",  HDConvertToX will start working hard (just few seconds) for determing video proprierties.

Here is with all information displayed!

(and..btw, sometime click on Update HDC... you will get prompted for avaiable updates)

Next step is to tune resolution.

Move the slider to set it.

You can also check and force ITU compliant resize, and/or check for an Anamorphic encoding

Clicking on Preview will open the media player an you will see a preview of resized and cropped movie

Clicking Visual Crop will allow fine tuning crop. Make sure your monitor resolution is bigger then input file resolution

Let's move on Video panel

On Video Encoder panel you can select the Codec to use and Container (in image is X264 into MKV file)

You must set also the type of encoding, selecting:
- 2 pass:  a 2 pass encoding, the better way to encoding
- 1 abr pass: encoding in one pass only, with constant bitrate
- 1 pass quality: a CQ/CRF encoding, in 1 pass, aimed at target quality, not respecting target size

You can also select SAP Compatibility  or NMT Compatibility  or no compatibility (only with pc)

No HardWare Player Compatibility Required is to use when you encoding for viewing in your computer, when no special restriction is to apply
Sap Compatibility will assure compatibility with DivX Certified stand alone player
NMT Compatibility will assure compatibility with Popcorn hour, WDTV, PlayStation3 and also DVXA accelleration

When selecting X264 codec (regardless of container) HDC will enable Create AVCHD Structure  and Create BlueRay Structure.
If you select one of these, the selected container will be ignored and HDC will produre a folder ready to burn for AVCHD or BlueRay

Here you can apply a de-noise filter and select if movie is to de-interlace
As advanced options you can manually set the bitrate or force encoding with DirectShowSource
If you select a "1 pass Quality", you can change the quantitizer/crf to apply in
"CQ/CRF Value"

Now is time to select audio tracks and subtitle tracks from Audio & Subs Selection
Simply check the wanted audio and subtitle tracks.

Get back on Audio
Here you can select the audio codec, bitrate and eventually conversion framerate factor.

Remember that all audio tracks selected will be encoded with the same (this) setting

Now you are ready for Start!

Working with DVD

HDConvertToX is able to encode dvd too!


Please launch HDConvertToX and point to the biggest ifo file (or VIDEO_TS.IFO) , then click "Analyze File"
A window like this will pop up

In this window you must simply select the PGC to process.
You can see the length of movie and see what audio tracks and subtitles tracks are present.

In this form you must select only the pgc, don't warry about selecting audio or subs, just select the program group chan .

You will be able to select subs and audio later, on HDConvertToX gui

If you select the wrong ifo, you can click on Reject IFO will allow you to select another file as input

The most important option here is the Multi Episodes DVD, if your dvd has multiple episodes you must check this option.

Multiple Episodes DVD is to use when there are more then one VTS and your film isn't the first PGC (PGC 1)

In image at right side, you must check Multiple Episodes DVD if you want to encode the PGC 6

See also note about pgc at end of manual

A different approach is to create the d2v of vob and demuxing audio. When feeding as input d2v HDC will ask for audio file and subititle

Some Advanced options

HDC allow user some fine tuning before encoding:

Other Analyze Options

HDC will automatically detect best decoder for your source files, but you can always force an alternative decoder like DirectShowSource,  FFmpegSource or DirectShowSOurce2 (Haali Plugin), or Neuron2 NVTools

Force DirectShowSource2 is more tuned for variable framerate, or some difficult to handle source
Force FFmpegSource could be checked for avi/vfw file
Force DirectShowSource is usually a good choice. The rule of thumb say if you can watch it, you can encode it. Pay attention to particular filters that alter framerate or resize (inside ffdshow for example)
Force DG NVTools require the license from Donald Graft. The NVTools allow decoding using your Nvidia Graphic card! In this way your cpu can encode at full speed since decoding is done by hardware accelerated GPU. This is a very good way for decoding VC1, or interlaced H264 stream. Please refer to this thread ->  http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=147945
DG NVTools 2.001 or major is supported

Preview and Cropping

You can check here the automatic crop detection. You can hit Preview button to see the movie cropped, resized, and filtered

Crop obey to AR is for forcing autocrop detection to respect while cropping the original AR of video. You Must check this option BEFORE hit Analyze File, if not you must click Analyze file  after checking  Crop obey to AR
No Resize & Crop will force HDC to ignore any resizing and crop you will set. No Resize and No crop will be applyed.

Every DVD should follow ITU standard, BUT more then often no. Click Follow ITU Resizing  and check a round shape object in Preview. It must be round

Anamorphic will force resing to follow anamorphic

Set Width MOD and Set Height MOD: you can force resizing to obey this value when resizing. You can tune this value to reduce AR Error, or for better compatibility with your graphic cards

Basic Filtering

You can apply a very effective denoise (using HQDN3D filter) and select the strenght  of filtering.

Basic AviSynth filtering  - Deinterlacing

Here you can select the kind of patter your video have.
So if your movie is interlaced ... select Interlaced, if you need to IVTC (from 29.97fps to 23.976pfs) select Progressive NTSC

You can "guess" the patter by using the "Test Interlace pattern" fuction

NOTE: Double Pass IVTC need a further analysis pass to determin IVTC pattern. The final output will be 23.976
NOTE: Interlaced HQ is slower than standard deinterlacer routine
NOTE: Automatic isn't support and not recommed. And not working for IVTC pattern

Converting Audio (changing "framerate")

If your source video is NTSC or PAL and you want convert to PAL or NTSC you must check the appropriate value.

Also remember that you must apply the appropriate filtering even for video! (see above)
This option is not to use when decimating  Film (from 29.97 to 23.976)

Resampling audio is only to use when you know incompatibility between sampling of audio and audio encoder
Resampling could be useful when recoding from AAC SBR to AC3. Is otherwise recommend to leave it NONE
You can also force decoding of audio in different ways.
Use eac3to as demuxer and decoder  is default option, AND hightly recommend. HDC will extract the selected audio tracks, and using eac3to will decode to wav for encoding with lame/nero/aften...

Specifying "Force DirectShowSource as decoder" will force HDC to process ONLY the first audio track, regardless of selected one's, and will use the decoder installed on system (ffdshow).
This could be usefull when you need only the first audio track and eac3to is unable to decode it.

Force FFmpeg.exe as decoder will force HDC to use FFmpeg.exe to first decode audio track selected to wav, then encodingSource for decoding selected audio tracks. Usually this option  is to use when eac3to or dss fails.

II suggest to leave "Use eac3to as demuxer and decoder" , eac3to has proven to be stable and fast, BUT if it fails you have 2 more options:
a) If you need to process ONLY the first audio track select Force DirectShowSource
b) If you need to process audio tracks other then first use Use NicAudio/SoundOut as decoder

Copying Video: how to fast repack

HDC offer also a very handy fuctionality: the possibility to copy video stream, as is, without recoding.
This features is avaiable only if codec video is AVC/H.264.
When selecting Copy Video you can simply repack video stream in another container.
For example if you have a MKV with H.264 video tracks and DTS-MA audio, and you want only to recode audio to ac3 or dts,  you can select and in Audio codec Copy Audio or AC3

The container will be the one selected in Encode Using (in image is M2TS). Final MB Size is ignored.

Converting Audio -  Encoding Only Audio

HDConvertToX also offers support for encoding only the audio section of video files.
Just select Encode Only Audio, select the audio tracks and the audio codec.
You can queue or start the job immediately, and HDConvertToX will produce an mp3,ac3,aac,flac, wma ... audio file!

Handling subtiles

Subtiles can be encrusted in movie, so it will be burned on video,  and you cannot hide it, or you can select to mux the extracted subs into avi, mp4 or mkv

Remember that in AVI container you can mux only SRT (textual) subtitles.

On MP4 or MKV container you can mux both textual subtitles (srt/ssa) and graphical (.idx/.sub)


Remove first lin job will remove the first line of queue
Remove all job will remove all queued line of jobs
Save Queue (queue.bat) will create a queue.bat file (in HDConvertToX folder) with all queued line

On top you can Add to Queue and Start Queue

You can select to start encodoing immediately or postpone the job to queue. On Queue you can store any number of works and start all at the same time

Advanced Avisynth Filtering

In this panel you will be able to apply AviSynth filters.
Please be careful or your encoding will be seriusly damaged!

You can also specify to apply a specific x264 codec tuning, for better visual encoding (see below).

You can also force to use a multithreaded version of AviSynth. Please note that you must have installed a specyfic build of avisynth. Since standard avisynth doesn't support threaded encoding. Please refer to this thread -> http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=144852

You can also check to use X264 64bit edition.

What you write on "Free AVS String" will be written on last line of avs script
Note that you can "chain" the filters like this.   (you must write the filters chain)

HDC automatically choose resizer based on encoding quality. You can however force the resizer to use.

Some Utilities -  Deinterlace Analysis and Compression Test

HDConvertToX offer also some neat utility like possibility to analyze the video file and  guess the interlace patter, or do a compression test
The "Test Interlace patter" will show a synthetic report how video is composed and will suggest a deinterlace.

Compression Test will test a sample (where you can select the % to analyze) of video and will report the size at optimal quality.
So, in image at left, HDConvertToX tested 3% of movie and, encoding at good quality, the size of sample is 7.66MB.
The full movie, at same quality will be argued at 255.19MB.
So, if you was aiming at 200MB for rip, you must reduce the width or use a more quality preset.. and rerun the compression test

Note: HDC will use internal (fixed) value when doing compression test, but you can force to use your CRF/CQ value specifing on Encoding Mode 1 pass Quality and setting the CRF/CQ to what value you prefer.
HDC will use this value when doing compression test.

Note2: Compression test works only with XviD, DivX and X264 codec. No Compression test could be done for WMV or FFmpeg or Mencoder

Muxing Options

On last panel you will find the Muxing Options

- No Defaul subtitle : this option will force muxing subtitle to be displayed automatically , or not. Check also Hidden option yesdefaultsubs.txt
- Muxing Title :  this option allow insert a specifyc title. Check also Hidden option muxingtitle.txt
- Insert chapter every
: (option avaiable for both MKV and MP4) this option will automatically force HDC to create a chapters file with a chapter title every X minutes. Check also Hidden option autochapter.txt
- Mux IPOD compliant
: this option allow muxing in mp4 container with the specific options requested by Ipod files.
- Mux PSP compliant: this option allow muxing in mp4 container with the specific options requested by PlayStationPortable files.

External Utilities

HDC Indexer
this application allow open file supported by DGIndex or DGAVCIndex (plus MKV with H264 video stream), and creating D2V or DGA.

It also allow demuxing of audio streams and video streams

This could be usefull for feeding HDC with  already indexed files

and load into HDConvertToX
will force HDC to load the d2v/dga created.

Note:  on loading d2v/dga HDC will ask for one audio stream and one subtitle stream
HDC Bitrate Calculator
this simple utility allow computing bitrate for video.

Open Video File allow bitrate calculator to analyze video and determining video lenght and framerate

Apply and Exit allow bitrate calculator to pass bitrate to HDC

MKVExtract GUI: will start a simple program that allow demuxing tracks from mkv.
You must install MKVToolnix

Just select the tracks you want demux and click Start

Defaul Settings - Load and Save Settings

HDC offers the possibility to save several configuration files, where it store the switch/settings you select.
HDC will show all *.ini file present in own folder, so you can have several configuration ready for dealing with different source

The Settings also save some options not directly avaiable via gui:

Shutdown: if this value is 1 the pc will be power off and end of encoding
Reboot: if this value is 1 the pc will be rebooted at end of encoding
Suspend: if this value is 1 the pc will be suspended at end of encoding
Multitemp: if this value is 1 every file will create it own folder as temporary directory
Input Work Folder: if this value is 1 the temporary files will be created in the same folder as input file
Workfolder: this string will specify the directory for temporary files
Muxing Title: this is the title applied on mkv muxing

Note that isn't necessary to save a configuration file. HDC will always start with its settings, BUT if you prefer to load at every start the same settings,  you need just to Save Settings and name it HDConvertToX.ini

for example:
You want activate "Copy Audio" , X264 in MKV , and CRF +1 Pass
just edit/write your HDConvertToX.ini and set

Audio Codec=Copy Audio
Video Codec=X264 in MKV
Allow CRF + 1 pass encoding=1
Encoding Mode=2 pass (CRF+1pass)

Guide already avaiable

http://www.adubvideo.net/how-to/how-to-backup-bluray-with-hdconverttox  , by Adub , Thanks!

Some hint about X264 Preset

HDC offers several profiles for encoding. The standard shipped HDConvertToX_profile.txt  will enable to encode with this profile

UltraFast: ref 1, scenecut 0, no-deblock, no-cabac, bframes 0, partitions none, no-8x8dct, me dia, subme 0, aq-mode 0, no-mixed-refs, trellis 0, b-adapt 0, no-mbtree
VeryFast: partitions i8x8,i4x4, me dia, subme 1, ref 1, no-mixed-refs, trellis 0, no-mbtree
Faster: no-mixed-refs, ref 2, subme 4, no-mbtree
Fast:  ref 2, subme 6, rc-lookahead 30
Medium:  --preset medium
Extreme Quality: --preset medium --trellis 0 --ref 4 --deblock -1,-1 --subme 9 --direct auto --me umh --b-adapt 2 --no-chroma-me
Slow: me umh, subme 8, ref 5, b-adapt 2, direct auto, rc-lookahead 50
Slower: me umh, subme 9, ref 8, b-adapt 2, direct auto, partitions all, trellis 2, rc-lookahead 60
VerySlow:  me umh, subme 10, merange 24, ref 16, b-adapt 2, direct auto, partitions all, trellis 2, bframes 8, rc-lookahead 60
Placebo:  me tesa, subme 10, merange 24, ref 16, b-adapt 2, direct auto, partitions all, trellis 2, bframes 16, rc-lookahead 60

The "X264 Tuning" options allow more precise tweak based on sourcet. If you specify a tuning, the changes will be applied after preset and before all other parameters.

Film:  Optimize for film content: deblock -1:-1, psy-rd 1:0.15
Animation:  Optimize for animated content: ref (double default reference count if greater than 1), deblock 1:1, psy-rd 0.4:0, aq-strength 0.6, bframes (add 2 bframes to the default)
Grain: Optimize for grainy content: deblock -2:-2, psy-rd 1:0.25, no-dct-decimate, ipratio 1.1, pbratio 1.1, aq-strength 0.5, deadzone-intra 6, deadzone-inter 6, qcomp 0.8
Psnr: Optimize for PSNR: aq-mode 0, no-psy
Ssim: Optimize for SSIM: aq-mode 2, no-psy
Fastdecode:  Optimize for fast decoding of content: no-deblock, no-cabac, no-weightb
Touhou: Optimize for Touhou captures: ref (double default reference count if greater than 1), deblock -1:-1, psy-rd 1:0.2, aq-strength 1.3, partitions (add p4x4 if p8x8 is enabled)

In \applications folder you will find a greatly expanded HDConvertToX_profile.txt, made with contribuitions of all users

Enabling NVTools

Please check Neuron2 site for latest package -> www.neuron2.net
Unzip the nvtools package (latest so far is dgdecnv2001.zip ). Put all unzipped file in \application\dgdecnv folder , then copy the DGDecodeNV.dll into \filters folder.
Read the file inside dgdecnv folder for updated information

HDConvertToX Configuration File

Many parameters can be automatically loaded at HDC startup.
Switch value can be 0, mean disactive (not checked), 1 mean active (checked)

There are some switch  that enable fuctions instead hidden

Allow CRF + 1 pass encoding=1  ; this fuction will enable to encode first pass in crf mode, the second pass with bitrate computed with first pass
Allow FFmpeg Encoder=0 ; this fuction enable the use of ffmpeg for encoding
Allow Mencoder Encoder=0 ; this fuction enable the use of mencoder for encoding
DirectX264=0 ; this fuction enable the use of directx264 for encoding
Allow ffmpeg2theora.exe=0 ; this fuction enable the use of ffmpeg2theora for encoding
AutoTitle=1 ; this fuction fill read dvd title from ripped folder  and set when muxing
Shutdown=0 ; this fuction will force HDC to shutdown the pc at end of encoding
Reboot=0; this fuction will force HDC to reboot the pc at end of encoding
Suspend=0  ; this fuction will force HDC to suspend the pc at end of encoding
Input Work Folder=0 ; this fuction will force HDC to shutdown the pc at end of encoding
Clean Temporary files=0 ; this fuction will force HDC to use the input folder as working folder for temporary files
AutoAnalysis of input files=1 ; this fuction will force HDC to run automatically the analysis of input file
Workfolder= ; this fuction will force HDC to use this folder  as temporary folder
Muxing Title= ; this string will be used as muxing title if present
Default Output Folder= ; this folder will be used default output folder

Advanced note about VTS/PGC/IFO and HDC

from a post at Doom9  -> http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?p=1427643#post1427643

when you work with multiple episodes (one vts with more then one pgc) the initial input is always the same IFO, BUT checking "multiple episodes dvd" HDC know that must extract the selected pgc (with vstrip) from vobs and create a new "fresh" big vob with your selected episode.
in your situation you have select "multiple episodes dvd" so hdc trigger extraction of selected pgc from vobs, regardless of first pcg selected

"C:\Rip\HDC\Beta\applications\Vstrip.exe" @"C:\Rip\HDC\Beta\Work\job1\list.ini" -i"C:\Rip\Source\LanoAndWoodleyDisc2\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_0.IFO" -o"C:\Rip\HDC\Beta\Work\job1\VTS_01_1.VOB" -p0
after this extraction the input file is "C:\Rip\HDC\Beta\Work\job1\VTS_01_1.VOB"

the change of input (from C:\Rip\Source\LanoAndWoodleyDisc2\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_0.IFO to C:\Rip\HDC\Beta\Work\job1\VTS_01_1.VOB) is done only after you start the encoding or add it to queue

then you select the second input file
if input is a ifo (as above BUT with a different pgc, example the second episodes), the preview isn't "aware" that second episodes is deeper is vob list.. and the preview will simple launch the play of first vob, and the first vob will surely has the first episode!

even more: you select the second episodes, add it to queue... the hit preview
now hdc goes to panic: the input file is no more the ifo selected but the vob extracted by vsrip , BUT this vob isn't existing!

anyway.. till you add to queue the episodes.. you should not got problem

Required Software

ffdshow tryout - > http://sourceforge.net/projects/ffds...d.exe/download
haali media splitter -> http://haali.su/mkv/MatroskaSplitter.exe
AviSynth -> http://downloads.sourceforge.net/avi..._mirror=heanet
XviD -> http://www.koepi.info/Xvid-1.2.2-07062009.exe
also make sure you allow Haali Media Splitter to handle Mpeg/PS file during installation (you can always reinstall Haali Media Splitter)
and, in FFDShow, allow mpeg2 AND DVD Support as decoding

Note for Windows 7 Users
check this thread -> http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=146910
Guide for installing HDConvertToX on Windows7 by rickatnight11 -> http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.ph...34#post1318934

For decoding M2TS with VC-1 codec
on ffdshow set VC-1 decoding to WMV9

For AviSynth MultiThread (MT)
check this thread ->http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=144852
suggested version -> http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=148117

For Neuron2 DG NVTools
HDC fully support great NVTools by Neuron2. NVtools allow GPU decoding of streams (and not only).
Please check Neuron2 site -> http://neuron2.net/
Also please NVTools on Doom9 -> http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=141104 and for latest beta -> http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=147945

WMV Encoding
If you wish to encode in Windows Media formats you will need several software additions.
* The Windows Media Encoder 9 Series, which can be downloaded here.
* Windows Media Player 11, which you can download here for WinXP.
* If you are unable to install Windows Media Player 11, you can install the WMFdist11, which includes all the needed files. There is a mirror here.
* Vista User: must disable DEP. Look here.
For 5.1 Audio look here. You can use FFDShow or AC3Filter
It is recommended you install wmvencoder (series 9) before you install Windows Media Player 11.

Some errors
Script error: Invalid arguments to function "is RGB" : make sure in ffdshow you have allowed the decoding of all supported file (xvid, mpeg,divx, h264/avc...)

DirectShow not talking to me..."   :(
your directshow configuration isn't optimal. Don't worry, here is a hint:
download BD_Rebuilder (it's freeware and a very good piece of software!, it really deserve your donation!!), launch BD_Rebuilder.exe
if it complain about wrong decoder configuration, say YES to adjust it.
It will reset and fix your directshow mess, now HDC will work too!

Post the Make Report!
Got a problem ? I want to help, BUT you must help me.
Please post the Make Report, so i will know all settings used.
Load your file, setup your encode as you want and click the Add to Queue button
Then click the Make Report button just down the Generate Encode!
Post the file generated